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Defined datasets made accessible in real time to any third party, including downstream buyers, auditors, investors. At the same time encrypted so as to share a proof of fact rather than confidential information.

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Our solution enables a seemless, accountable, and ethical process for the procurement of minerals and metals across the globe.


Our digital solution helps stakeholders eliminate waste in their operations, by making their supply chain process faster, more cost-effective, more strategic, and more reliable.


Daniola platform optimizes business for verified miners and industry SMEs by placing their products and service offerings right infront of prospects from across the globe.

Maximum Value

Daniola platform enables minerals and metals buyers access to maximum value, through the access to a large inventory of verified minerals and metals, on a global scale.

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It is apparent that Daniola Corporation brings innovative solutions to the mining industry whereby in partnership with their supply chain division, amazing results can be accomplished.


Supply Chain, IAMGOLD Corporation.

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