Daniola Platform

Daniola cloud solution builds trust around responsible sourcing of minerals and metals, and holds miners accountable to ethical production standards.
Our secure platform provides intercontinental visibility to miners, by enabling the trust that their potential buyers within the Daniola ecosystem, require to engage. We do this by authenticating the mining companies, their mines, and their offerings.
To traders, investors, and other stakeholders in the mining supply chain, we provide access to ethically mined minerals and metals.
The platform also provides visibility and opportunity for consistent lead generation to Industry Subject Matter Experts such as consultants, engineers, suppliers, shippers etc. Users are able to access industry data and reports in real-time.
Platform interface is customized for each user category, thereby making it easy to navigate, and appealing to users.

Supply Chain Optimization

- Miners Authentication
- Secured ecosystem & trusted Network
- Real-time Insight
- Transparent collaboration
- Quicker end-to-end value exchange
- Accountability to ethical standards
- Faster turnaround for vendor recruitment
- All-in-one digital solutions for optimized value exchange in the mining industry

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